Rage Release Retreat

Rage Release Retreat for Women

Rage Release Retreat is an in person workshop dedicated to holding a sacred container for truth seekers who are ready to release anger that has been stored within and discover the wisdom behind rage.

In this retreat, we will hold a safe space to share what we are ready to release, learn about the information that anger has to share with us, release rage through a specific style of breathwork and movement and potentially discover deep peace, gratitude and the ability to forgive others and our selves.

Rage has wisdom and this workshop is designed to help you become courageous when faced with a deep and powerful well of emotion such as anger. We must move fear to discover what it has really been trying to tell us and to teach us if we are ready to listen.

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Rage Release Co-ed April 13th | $135 |

Location in Southern Oregon

Rage Release Retreat for Men

A safe place for men to let go of the heavy burden of anger, resentment, guilt and shame. These men will find the courage to face their fears and experience rage in a container built for the safe release of their emotions. 

These are men who are ready to face the dark and release themselves into the light of forgiveness through directed force of their breath, their voice and through their heart.  It is time, now, for men to empty themselves of the burden of rage and discover the wisdom behind it all.  It is time to listen and to feel in order to discover true freedom and authentic expression.

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Rage Release Retreat Co-ed April 13th | $135 |

Location in Southern Oregon

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