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Mindset Coaching


Your state of being is your dominant state created by your thoughts, words and actions.  What you will receive from mindset coaching is tips and tools and awareness around your patterns and how to change them to create a state of being in alignment with the life you desire.

With mindset coaching, you will quickly discover that your state of being has been out of alignment with everything you have been desiring. It is like waking up and discovering your true nature within that has been there all along.

How do I get there?  Is a common question. The answer is quite simple… you already are there.  The only difference is that you have been believing the thoughts in your mind that would have you believe you are not already there!  

Allow me to lead you back to the crystal clear water of your true nature which feels like love, peaceful knowing and trust in our Creator that what is being created through you is for you to experience more of the bliss of the present moment.

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Challenges I was having:

“I was going through a very difficult period in my life, specifically with my 10 year relationship. I was struggling with my mental and emotional state which in hindsight I can see now was a mid-life transition.”

Transformation I received.

“I felt more than anything Kristen was a rock to hold space and give me perspective. She came into my life at the perfect time and guided me through this transition. I feel with her support,  I  was able to come out the other side from feelings of depression and grief to love and gratitude. I was able to get back to a place of deep peace and acceptance within my being and I am deeply grateful.”

What I would say to people to work with Kristen

“I feel that Kristen puts her heart and soul into her work. Kristen goes above and beyond for her clients; she genuinely cares and wants the best for them. She radiates warmth, compassion and embodies a deep presence. She is thoughtful and curious and creates an environment which allows for others to truly be themselves, which is such a gift. You can tell she loves and is passionate about what she does.”


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Troy Scott

Brand Expert | Mantell Design

Generating best in class in order to improve overall outcomes. Inform outside the box thinking and finally target the low hanging fruit. Repurose big data and possibly gain traction.

Dylan Spencer

Support Staff | Gerwyn Financial

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We can do this together. You don’t have to be alone when it comes to changing your mindset! With love, Kristen