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Hypnotherapy and mindset coaching go hand in hand creating a total lifestyle shift and a belief structure that will leave you feeling like a new person! Check out the services and packages and click the tab to schedule a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your needs and come up with a plan to help create the changes you desire!




Remove obstacles to your desired lifestyle. Discover confidence to become your greatest self. Real healing happens with this powerful modality.

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Mindset Coaching

Real change comes from persisting in the thoughts and mindset that will create real lasting changes. This service is like having a lighthouse in your life guiding you back to your desired state of being.

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Mentorship Package

Combine the powerful healing work of hypnotherapy and coaching along with a self guided course to see profound changes in your life. You will grow to new heights and expand into the greatest version of yourself with Kristen’s guidance.

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Relationship coaching

Sometimes relationships need help in order to side step pitfalls and re-connect in a new way full of understanding, love, compassion and respect. Allow Kristen to help you dive deep into reformatting patterns that no longer serve your relationship.

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