One Brave Spirit

I am a healer guiding people through change by clearing away obstacles to their True Nature of confidence, clarity & effortless creation of more love in their lives! Allowing change to happen in our lives takes trust and that is One Brave Spirit!

I have been a Reiki practitioner for 16 years, certified Coach and Hypnotherapist for 9 years & recently became a breathwork facilitator.  I use these modalities to clear away the mind patterns, mental structures and thought habits that resist life’s gifts from flowing through my clients.

Having done the work and continuing to do the work of self love, spiritual connection & relationship communication, I find that I can relate on a very real and deep level with my clients. There is a deep level of trust & understanding that allows my clients to feel safe enough to transform old wounds and patterns into the pure state of love that heals all.

The study of Neville Goddard’s way of allowing life to be created from our imagination has been one of my practices for almost 3 years since I discovered that “The Law of Attraction” is useless and can create a great deal of anxiety. I have created a new way of helping my clients create the life of their dreams and I hope to guide you to that state of being too! 

Whether it is a romantic relationship, more money, better health, weight loss, tobacco cessation, more confidence, freedom to change or discovering infinite self love, I can help guide you with your subconscious mind to a state of being where all of the love and life you desire exists now!

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Kristen Sofia Valentina

Hypnotherapist, Guide, Breathwork Facilitator 

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